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Guys! I am back. Yes, you are seeing me...I am back. I have lots of explaining though. First and foremost I was hospitalized for 4 days with a serious infection in my finger. Now after 3 weeks out they think I have another infection starting again. Which means no work! EEK. Not good. Frustrating. But I'm going to try to do some editing, so please if anyone needs photographs edited let me know!


Customized Manipulations Are $25 per manipulation.
Retouching Jobs are $7 per image.

If you have questions, send me a message on deviantART. Thank you.

All payments must be made to my paypal:
For retouching or manipulation jobs 50% deposit required.

I quit.

Journal Entry: Tue May 19, 2015, 6:27 AM

Hey guys, so I am just going to keep this very short. I am done with deviantART. Not deleting my art or my photos, but I will no longer be posting anything on this site. In this last year or two it's gone down hill and even more so now it's nothing but a pool for popularity. Nothing ever gets viewed or comments or feed back like it used to years ago and I just refuse to be part of that. So as far as posting art it will no be on devianART.

You can add me on Facebook to see my art. I accept everyone, so please just send me a request.

Or email me at:

Thanks you guys.


Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 3:07 PM

Guys! Do you want any manipulations done for you?! I am looking to do commissions very badly as I have rent due, and other bills! So put me to work please! I will retouch any image for $10 and manipulate any for $25! All commissions can be paid through paypal at

Lets work together! I am in need of WORK and will be seeking any ASAP. Thank you.

Expanding My Company. Check Out How You Can Help!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2015, 2:07 PM

I am seeking investors for my company! I am in the process of jumping full time into photography; but I am lacking funds. I am seeking any help that you can offer. I need to start a website, get a 50MM lens for my camera, and buy a few props. I am willing to mention investors in a thank you section via my business website once it is up and running if you are interested in being mentioned. I have finally decided photography is not a hobby, it is something I NEED TO DO. It makes me happy. It kills all suicidal and depression related thoughts that I am constantly riddled with. I am doing this for me and my sanity, and I am not going to listen to anyone who has told me I will never make it. I will make it. I will make it beyond far in life. If anyone has anything to give; I really need the funds to fully get this up and going as I am struggling and do not have the money to start up my company without an investor or investors. I also just wish to thank anyone and everyone who has been the light in my dark times and who have helped me battle my long battle with PTSD. I know it's not going away, but I know I can manage it with doing something that makes me happy. I want to thank my constant supporters of my work, I want to thank everyone who likes my work, who shares it and who has wrote to me about how inspired I have made them. I am truly humbled to know random people I have NEVER MET care about me and my art so much; so from the bottom of my forever grateful heart thank you a million times over. I will never find the words to thank you all enough for being part of the reason I have not given into my PTSD, my depression, and m warped suicidal mind.

:blowkiss: :hug: :glomp: :love: :kiss:

I have made a campaign for my business. If you cannot donate, please share it VIA social media. Spreading the word helps me out as much as donating. The more shares I get the higher chances of me getting featured. So if you cannot spare any money, please think about sharing my donation page or posting journal about it on dA or posting something about it on tumblr. Thank you.…

I have updated my free website for now til I can get funds to make one using my own domain. Please support it and my work by visiting it and subscribing to website updates! Also don't forget to leave a comment on the feedback page and say hi and where you are from! Thank you!!…

For The Love Of Photography And Happiness

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 10:44 AM

I have been thinking and contemplating for months and months now and I have made up my mind; as much as I love editing I really do wish to expand into photography. That takes extra money for lenses and items I don't have yet but need! I was debating on making a gofund me to help raise some money to start my photography company up; but have not done that as when I have done it before (for funeral costs for my friends dad) I never got hits! But I am dying on the inside of misery from not being able to do as I love in this world. So I am reaching out here; if anyone knows of anything that would help me fundraiser wise that would be amazing. I am looking at raising $1,000 to cover costs of props, a lens, and some lighting! Any help would be amazing. I have tried selling my art, to no avail. I am running out of ideas and work is getting slower and slower and all money made from work goes to bills and then I am broke. Thanks for taking time to read this; I know in the past I have made things like this and a lot of people have come up and given kind words. I know just like me, right now many people have no extra cash to spare. So I do apologize for posting this; but I am looking to grow my company with the help of you guys or random other people.
Thank you in advance again for even reading this! I love all the support I get. It means a lot to me.

I won a DD!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 4, 2015, 3:35 PM

Omg! I got on tonight and saw people congratulating me and I was blown away when I saw I got a DD. I want to thank Cassy-Blue for suggesting me for one and CelticStrm-Stock for featuring me! I am just flabbergasted, humbled, blown away, I am in shock. Thank you for all the constant support from everyone, I really appreciate it thank you so much for the continued support.

DeviantART, Marry Me? Pleeeease.

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 4:16 PM

I am throwing in the towel on everything but my art (and of course work and well, my friends too). I have determined to get back to where my deviantART was years ago. (I feel this is impossible though, because NOTHING gets comments or favorites. -EYE ROLL-). Anyone know where I can buy some favorites, followers, comments? -Nudge nudge- No. I am kidding. (Kinda). All joking aside though. I miss my work. I miss doing work for fun. I am so busy most times with paying clients (which is great and fun) that when I do have "free" time. I am brain cramping so hard that I get nowhere. So pleeeease inspiration strike me here, strike me know! -Waits..- Yeah. See nothing! Ugh. So I need my followers help. (If I have any, 90% of them left or just don't like me enough to support me). If you have any ideas, or themes please do suggest some. I need some ideas. Please. Please. Please. Might as well add a few more. PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEEEEAAASEEEE. -Begs like a puppy- Okay, that should do. Anyway, any support and help would be great right now. Thanks you guys.

:iconsadeyesplz: :iconsuperheroglompplz:

Where is the support?!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 3:23 PM

I have noticed over the past year, I'm getting less and less interaction within my page unless the images I post are selfies or portraits of people. That saddens me. I used to love being on deviantART but as of lately it seems like it's a huge popularity contest and that upsets me. I just used to love having my work be seen and have fans and people who enjoyed looking at my work, and now that RARELY happens. It's sad to me. I miss the following of amazing supportive artists I once had. Half the people I used to follow at one point, don't even have accounts anymore or just have dropped off the face of the earth. Even more and more now..I contemplate quitting deviantART and the day I decide I will, will break my heart. This site has helped me with my depression, my problems; it was my creative outlet when no one else in my life would listen and even now that seems to be slowly dwindling down daily. :sigh:

I am running out of options. If it's not one thing it's something else. When am I ever going to catch a solid break? I'm tired and I am fed up. If it's not constantly feeling miserable in my head, if it's not for work being nonexistent and being unable to even live on my own, it's my laptop starting to crap the flipping bed. I really just need one break in my life. Is that honestly so much to ask for?

I'm admitting it. I am a freelance artist. I am trying to start my own business and be self sufficient. I am broke. I suffer from PTSD and due to that I have trouble being around anyone I do not know. I am scared of being in large groups, I am scared of everything that is not my comfort zone due to PTSD, and it's miserable. The one thing I was trying to do, is failing because my laptop is starting to die on me and I am too broke to upgrade to a new one which I badly need to continue running my business.

So I'm sorry for another one of this pathetic journals, but I have no where else to turn for help.
This is the laptop I am looking at getting if I can raise enough money to buy it ASAP…

Any help would be appreciated and when I get on my feet, I am as always going to pay it forward to someone else who needs help.
So if anyone could lend a hand I would appreciate it so much. i have $50 in amazon money right now but that is it.

Holy cow. I feel so loved by all my new followers on here. You guys are amazing! :blowkiss:

So as many people know, everyone has long term goals, and short term goals. I was sitting down and thinking about my goals I want to fulfill in 2014 and I have so many of them, but I'm going to list them all anyway! Why? Because I know if I try hard I can do it.

Short Term Goals
1. Get into shape and get down to my goal weight of 150 pounds!
2. Change my eating habits for the better (not as much crap in my life!)
3. Save up money to buy my best friend a tablet.
4. Save up to get my friends mom a laptop.
5. Add onto my tattoo for my birthday present in April! (26 years old baby!)

Long Term Goals
1. Pursue modeling as a job
2. Expand my retouching services and digital art services
3. Get Published
4. Get another lens for my camera :star:
5. Make enough money to be able to pay all my own bills.

That being said. I am a digital artist and photoshop wizard! If anyone needs anything retouched or manipulated please get a hold of me. I am looking to get more work and build my client list up! So I'm looking for any work and commissions too!
Death Toll by MeganLeeRetouchingEntangled by MeganLeeRetouchingEnchanted by MeganLeeRetouchingThe Last Song She Played by MeganLeeRetouchingButterfly Kisses by MeganLeeRetouching

I began my deviantART journey over 7 years ago. I stumbled across this site when I was looking for a creative outlet. I started out as an ammeter photographer, and manipulator then grew into a professional manipulator and retoucher growing from my deviantART time. deviantART has helped me cope with severe depression and anxiety and has been my light when most days where nothing but dark. I've worked hard to get as far as I have and I have deviantART to thank as the site and people who I have stumbled across are like my family and support group for everything I deal with. I'm happy to be part of this inspiring community.
Good afternoon loves, :blowkiss:

As many of you know I am a freelance artist and we don't make much money. I don't make enough money right now to support myself, but my business is SLOWLY starting to grow. If any of you have been following my Facebook or Twitter, you may know that my friend has surgery tomorrow to replace her hip! I am trying to raise money so I can buy a box spring, and a bed frame so our bed we have to share due to our current living situation is no longer on the floor as she won't be able to get up and down from the floor very well for months after she has her surgery and it's not healthy for anyone to have a bed on the floor. I will be having a few ebay auctions of some of my art work, but I am also accepting any donations. Thanks to the help of some amazing people here on deviantART I have raised $20. I'm looking to raise at least $200 for a decent box spring and frame set, and possible if I get a little extra a mattress that isn't really old like the one we have now!

All donations can be sent to the paypal of

There will be rewards for donations over $25.00
Got some photos I would like to sell; or I can do a commission for "themed" photos.
Got bills to pay and work in my industry is slow right now due to it being summer time!
If anyone is interested, just PM me and I will happily answer any questions you may have.
Thanks everyone! <3

Also will be selling a few things on ebay!…

If you have any ideas on other things I could sell, shoot me a message.
If you have been a follower of me for ages, you will have noticed I mostly have done digital work. Well, that's on hold for a bit. Between doing it constantly for work, I don't feel like doing it for fun. I'm more interested in photography, learning how to model and pose, and also take more photographs. So please bare with my while I find myself in my creative art world.

Yes, I know I've been posting a lot of selfies and if you don't like that you can unwatch me. After my 40lb weight loss I feel amazing about myself and my body and I am showing it off. I'm expressing myself while learning poses for modeling as when I hit a lower weight I would love to purse it.

I'm also in the process of making photo bundles to help pay bills. :)
If you are interested let me know; I will be also doing requests.

For more information shoot me a message! Thanks you guys.

To the user who gave me an amazon gift card for a commission; thank you so much! You are a sweetheart.
I have been asked about commissions from time to time and never decided to fully committee to it. Well now I am. As many of you may know, I am a professional retoucher now, I don't use deviantART much because I am so busy, but I am looking to raise more money. My friend will be having surgery to replace her entire hip on August 5th and I won't be able to do as much work, so I am trying to raise money to cover bills for the 8 weeks where I can't do as much work!…


10 Images retouched for $30 ($3 an image instead of the normal $5 I charge)
20 Images retouched for $55 ($3 an image instead of the normal $5 and 1 free image added)
1 Manipulation for $12 (normal is around $20 when all said and done)

All payments will be made to my paypal email:

I also have some photographers that are not on deviantART for sale.
If you are interested in purchasing the image please contact me on here via notes.

Donations for bills and household items are also welcome.

Thank you everyone! I hope to do some commissions for real this time. I'm hoping this gets more hits than every time I tried it before!
To the user who gave me an amazon gift card for a commission; thank you so much! You are a sweetheart. :blowkiss:
Hey everyone! I donated my points recently, and am need at least 50 to purchase stock that is commercial free usage for work. Does anyone have any extra points they could spare?
I decided that I miss deviantART a lot and I cannot leave. I did put most of my deviations into storage and left a few out. I'm going to start to expand my work into photography and just random stuff. I think just posting digital work is getting boring and I want to expand and grow what I post. So I hope you all stick with me and keep helping me out as I still have so many goals deviantART wise and I don't ever want to quit. I want to get them and make them all come true.
I have no words in me when it comes to deviantART. It's helped bring me how far I have gotten in my I am grateful for all the places and opportunities art wise it has given me, and I couldn't be where I am without it. For now, though. For personal reasons. I cannot be on deviantART. I want nothing to do with it, at all. I find myself checking it daily and every time I do, I am just reminded of all the bad crap. It'll never be the same. It will never be what it used to be to me and therefore I am walking away. I don't know for how long, or if it's permanent, but for now I am not coming back.…

Quitting deviantART for awhile...

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 12, 2014, 6:03 PM

After some thought..I have decided I am walking away from deviantART for a little bit. I don't find the point when due to a few issues there is nothing but drama towards me on here now and I'm not going to be dragged into someones down fall all because of it. I refuse to let it effect my work and my life and I just need to distance myself from this site for the time being. If anyone who follows me would still like to keep in contact and follow the work I do, please follow me on facebook to keep in touch. Thanks for everything you guys.…

Lets be a team and help one another and everyone else.

Please Help Me Get 1,000 Facebook Likes
Please like my facebook
This is my business page! All likes help grow and expand my business.
Your support is needed and much appreciated!


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I'm going to be giving away 273 points to one lucky person.
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